Branding Lessons from a 12 Year Old



When Asia Newson appeared on The Ellen Show earlier this year, she proved that even a confident 12 year old could teach us grown ups a few things about branding. That kid has got it down.

Bright, personable and focused, she is the CEO of Super Business Girl, a hand-made candle company she started when she was just five years old.

Asia explained to Ellen that Super Business Girl\’s mission is not just to fund her college education but also to encourageother children to become entrepreneurs and empower themselves.

Her assured, to-the-point, and peppy sales pitch [starting at 1min 55] goes like this: I\’m Asia and I\’m an entrepreneur and the name of my company is Super Business Girl. I teach children how to become entrepreneurs. Today I am selling my beautiful handmade candles because I\’m raising money to buy the things I need to expand and grow my business. And I need you to buy one of my candles because you will make a big difference in my business. Thank you for listening to my presentation.”

You can watch the clip here

An impressed Ellen happily hands over $20 for the candle before Asia goes on to explain that when she grows up she wants to be a lawyer, then Mayor of Detroit and then run for President of the United States!

Here\’s what Asia teaches us:

  • Her clear call to action makes it hard for the world to say no to her. This is a girl who has her own life planned out. Look at how easy she made it for Ellen to play a part in her vision.
  • Her candle is pricy but she gives us good reason to spend more.
  • She makes us feel proud of ourselves knowing that we can be part of the \’greater good\’.
  • She is very clear in expressing gratitude.
  • He call to action is impressive and concise. She knows where she\’s going and has figured out a way to get there.

If 12-year-old Asia can do it, so can you.

Her candle is not just wax and a wick, it is hope, it is the American dream, it is a future legal career, and a future campaign for presidency!

If you don\’t know where you are going, there is absolutely no way you are going to get there.

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