How to Sew Up the Competition: Branded-to-perfection and ALWAYS open – Milt & Edie\’s Drycleaners!


When it comes to Los Angeles marketing, there are some companies that get it right.

Congratulations to Milt & Edie\’s, the first drycleaners to be indoctrinated into Black Ink PR’s prestigious Winner’s Circle.

You need to be one of those companies.

You need to be Milt & Edie\’s – and here is why:

The clock was ticking and I needed to get my son\’s mosquito resistant park ranger pants altered in time for our summer vacation, which was fast approaching.

I went the first time to my regular tailors on a Sunday afternoon to discover there was nobody there. The next day I dropped by and they told me that the person I needed wasn\’t in that day. On my third visit with my son in tow on the Tuesday, they told me that they only did alterations between 9am and 5pm.

It was 5.15pm and I\’m a working mom so I thought, \’How is anybody in the working world supposed to get their items tailored?\’

This stuff drives me mad which is why I wrote a book called \’Where\’s My Award? How to Get Baby Barf Out Of A Red Carpet and Other Tales from a Working Mom in Hollywood\’. (Excuse the shameless plug but I\’m on a mission to spread the message that us working parents need help!).

Next, We go to another place that my husband recommends and the lady there tells me that her tailor is only available from 9am to 1pm.

Again, how do I do this?

So I take my son home, we eat some dinner and I remember driving by a place with a giant hot pink sign, Milt and Edie\’s Drycleaners in Burbank, that I think are open 24 hours. I call them, a sweet lady answers the phone and says, \’Yeah sure we can do that, we have tailors here all the time. Come on over.\’

We drive over, it\’s after 8.30pm on that same Tuesday and the place is bustling. There\’s popcorn popping and everyone is happy, it\’s bright pink and totally welcoming. There\’s even a comedy sign in the parking lot that says, \’If you park here and don\’t visit Milt & Edie\’s, we\’ll make you do the laundry\’, which makes me laugh.

Hence, I check their prices because I think it\’s going to be extra expensive but it\’s not, it\’s totally reasonable.

There are two tailors and a lovely man called [INSERT NAME] hems up my son\’s pants. He asks when I need them and I say Saturday and he says, \’I can do them for Thursday\’, which is fantastic.

I tell them it\’s my first time here and that they are now my new tailor. They are delighted and give us a cute exit gift in a bright pink paper bag, which consists of all Milt & Edie\’s branded items: highlighters pens, a dry cleaning bag, a nail file, jellybeans, a lint roller, a toy truck and an informative leaflet about what they do and how they do it. It\’s extraordinary Los Angeles marketing.

Therefore, I\’m sure it all takes some cash flow to keep this going but there\’s no doubt that these people have been in business since 1946 because they know how to sew up the competition.

Here\’s how can you be like Milt & Edie\’s:

Be available when your clients need you.
Offer a warm welcome.
Show good humor.
Create amazing branding.
Have excellent points of contact.
Offer exemplary service.
Have superior knowledge of your customer base.
Promise – and then deliver – on a quick turnaround.
Prepare an exit gift for first timers.

Milt and Edie\’s, you have the competition sewn up for me. The pants looked great, the experience was extraordinary and you are forever my go-to number one, solid done-deal tailor.

On their gift bag, their logo says, \’We love our customers\’, and there\’s no doubt they do.

So congratulations Milt & Edie\’s, you are the ultimate example of a Los Angeles marketing and promotions niche genie, and an inspiration to small businesses everywhere. We salute you.

Welcome to The Winner’s Circle Milt & Edie\’s!


Milt & Edie\’s gift bag

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