Travel PR: Are You Giving People Enough Reason to Escape?


Are You Giving People Enough Reason to Escape?

When it comes to travel marketing there is only one thing you\’re truly marketing and that is the idea of escape.

How you market such an ethereal yet exhilarating concept is everything. It has to be more than just chocolates and a nice bottle of wine.

With the rise of Instagram and social media the idea of escape has never been more tantalizing and accessible to all. Endless filtered photos showing the fantasy and glamor of travel are posted daily to a huge audience, who it seems can\’t get enough of waterfalls, mountain ranges and clear blue oceans.

Showcasing this idea of escape is now a given for anyone working on the hospitality sector.

But how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

And what is your version of \’escape\’?

Is it a unique adventure or safari?

A once in a life-time luxury experience?

A five star hotel fantasy?

You can only market the concept of escape by showing people what they are escaping to.

Whether it\’s zip-lining through a rainforest, swimming with dolphins or basking on a remote white sand island in five star comfort, there must be a strong selling point.

It\’s up to you to sell the ultimate dream of travel, adventure and escape.

The possibilities are endless. So what\’s your strategy?

Haven\’t got one? Contact Black Ink PR & Marketing. We have been working in tourism and hospitality for more than 20 years and are happy to help.

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