Why You Should Update Your Marketing and PR Often



There are very few things in life that don\’t require a do-over.

Life evolves, news evolves, and business evolves.

Because of that, when it comes to your marketing, PR and social media you should be constantly reinventing what you are putting out to your client base.

Marketing and PR are live endeavors. Done well, they can be visceral, exciting and captivating. You owe it to yourself to honor these vital business building blocks and use them to the best of your ability.

What you shouldn\’t do is set up your blog, social media, visuals, newsletters, and offers then sit back and think you are set for the next five years. It doesn\’t work like that.

You need to be constantly changing, tweaking and updating. This can happen daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly (and when it comes to your overall marketing and PR strategy you should also be planning for the year ahead). Nothing stays the same, and nor should it.

News, as I\’ve said before, means \’new\’.

When it comes to keeping your Marketing and PR fresh, you need new things. New posts, new photos, new stories, new offers, new ideas, new inspiration.

News provides stimulation for your customers who look forward to connecting with you particularly if there is something new to be learned. In the modern world they have many choices so you have to consistently give them good reasons to stick with you.

This is a living, breathing, organic art, not a set-it and forget-it plan.

Your marketing will always reach its natural expiration date as trends move on and tastes change – but one think you should never do is allow yourself to go stale.

If you\’re stuck for ideas about how to freshen up your Marketing and PR we can do that for you. Contact us at Black Ink PR.

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