The Old Fashioned Way to Succeed in Business

Customer Service

Good old fashioned service will never go out of style.

Business might be lead by technology, metrics and economics but at the heart of any successful business is exemplary service.

What I\’ve learned during my long career as a publicist is that your work should always be done with love, passion and care.

Your job is to think about the problem you are solving and then do it better than anyone else. If you are going to be known for something, then be known for that.

The simple truth is that while you might spend weeks agonizing over a logo or what color to paint the office walls, people will always return to the place that makes them feel welcome, appreciated and well served.

In return for this old fashioned business chivalry, your loyal customers will provide positive endorsements that will help strengthen your brand.

So focus on service excellence, good manners and always seek to exceed their expectations. By delivering old fashioned service you are putting yourself on the fast track to success. And that never goes out of style.

Everyone loves to be loved. All you have to do is put the needs of your customers first.

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