Why Make A Wish When You Can Make A Plan


Dear Beautiful People,

I want you to succeed in 2019. However, I cannot believe how many times I meet people without any plan. As founding father Benjamin Franklin famously said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

There is an epidemic of distraction in the world right now and if you have no business plan then you have no idea what you are supposed to be doing. Forget wishing on a New Year star, without planning, budgeting or accountability all of your marketing initiatives will go awry.

Let me tell you this; before I even see your plan, I know that not everything will go right. That\’s okay. In fact, plan on it!

People beat up on themselves for what\’s gone wrong instead of looking at what\’s gone right. In sailing you need to keep your eye on the mark. You need a strategy and a plan of attack but as a former sailor let me tell you this, you never get there in a straight line. But that\’s okay because you start with a plan and you adjust along the way.

The elements that make up your plan are your goals, benchmarks, deadlines, resources and assets, plus budget and staff requirements (if you have the budget but don\’t have any staff, give us a call, we can take all of your public relations & marketing off your plate and make it work).

I want you to try something new, do more of what works, and less of what doesn\’t. I want you to budget in for challenges in time and execution (people often fail at that one), celebrate what went wrong but don\’t beat yourself up for what didn\’t. And I especially ask that you always, always, always start with a plan.

If you need help, then contact Black Ink PR. We are excellent plan-makers and will be delighted to assist you and your company in standing out and getting some great attention in your marketplace.

So, here\’s to celebrating a wonderful year. Thank you to all. And here\’s to planning a successful, profitable and plan-happy 2019!

Be Bold and Shine Bright!
Margot Black

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