Why Imaginary People Don\’t Buy


Marketing works well when it\’s targeted, but you need know who you are selling to. For that to happen every business needs to know their customer avatar. But what is that exactly?

Customer Avatar

An avatar is a representation of a person who is real and has real problems that you can solve. You need to work out where this person lives, what they want, their economic situation, their challenges and goals.
These real people with real problems are useful because if you\’re not marketing to a real person I can tell you from experience that imaginary people don\’t buy.
As a broad example here are avatars for two real people who need a massage series (meaning they will purchase more than once, let’s say – packages of 3, 5 and 10).

Avatar 1.

An over-worked 36-year-old office worker who types 40 hours a day and has two kids under ten.
How to reach her? Focus on her need to relax and heal and take care of herself in order to better serve others. Local parenting magazines, mom groups and hyper local social media that targets working moms.
What does she value? Pampering, good value, flexible scheduling, tiny bits of much needed “me time” in beautiful places that inspire her and efficiency.

Avatar 2.

A 50-year-old male realtor who can\’t seem to get rid of his persistent back pain.
How to reach him? Speak to how much more efficient he is out of pain than in pain. Show many possible solutions to pain relief and let him begin to self select what works best. Use hyper local marketing and target men\’s interest and health magazines and other hyper local media that speak to his lifestyle, his goals, and to his pain and his desire to not suffer with it anymore.
What does he value? Speed, efficiency, third party validation, abundant recommendations and convenience.

The Real People

These are real people who come with real problems and real money, and your marketing strategy needs to be built around these avatars. Once you know who they are you can talk to them in a language they understand and make better decisions and
Make believe is fun when you\’re at the movies but when it comes to business, you need to keep things real.
If you\’re a small or medium business who doesn’t have time to focus on your marketing with clarity and consistency, and you need someone to help you call us. We are real people with real solutions.

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