Are You the Problem with Your Marketing?


In marketing you need commitment, consistency and a plan.
At Black Ink PR we are dedicated to helping small and medium businesses that need to outsource their marketing. We\’re like a CMO for those who don\’t have full time staff, the resources or can\’t manage it themselves.
But no matter who is doing your marketing, you still need to show up and participate in some form. You need to make decisions and you need to execute them – and if you can\’t, you need to empower others to do so.
Often I see are executives being their own worst enemy by taking no responsibility for their own participation in the process. It\’s almost like they are constantly asking people to solve problems that they are not willing to participate in solving also.
I see three common problems and they are:

Working with no plan

Take the time and write it down. Write down your goals, what you want to get out of the process, your measurables and what success looks like for you. If you can\’t do it, hire somebody to do it. Don\’t be cheap on this part. It\’s like the architecture of your home. It\’s important. And without a plan, there are no measurables.

You have no leadership

Everybody is doing everything but there is no hierarchy of organization and this includes even if you are outsourcing. It\’s a case of too many cooks in the kitchen but without leadership. The person leading should be the one with the most experience and vision, and not the cheapest person you just hired.

Commit to the process

You can\’t be in this for two months, say it doesn\’t work and abandon ship. You have to address what is happening and change tactic. Great marketing is a profound commitment to growing your business. And sometimes, it can be uncomfortable to look at what is working and what is not working. A lot of this comes from maturity. Instead of pointing fingers go back to your plan. If it needs to change, alter it and then commit to the change.
So before you pull the plug on your marketing ask yourself; are you the problem? And if you find you can\’t lead then outsource. We are here to help you succeed, so call Black Ink PR today.

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