5 Easy SEO Strategies to Use in Your Marketing and PR Campaigns

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Known.

5 Easy SEO Strategies to Use in Your Marketing and PR Campaigns

There is nothing worse in business than doing great work and having no one see it. Businesses that can’t be found today are doomed to fail tomorrow. Search engine optimization helps your content rank higher in search engine results and makes it more visible online.  All hail the mighty force of Google. When your articles aren\’t optimized, it\’s easy for your site to fall into oblivion and get lost among the competition on the results pages. However, a well-crafted SEO strategy can pull your marketing campaign out of obscurity and deliver the right information to both your readers and your future customers. Fortunately, you can optimize your site by tweaking its structure and content readability. Here are five search engine optimization strategies that can help you reach a larger audience and keep readers glued to your site. Be seen. Be heard. Be known.

1. Use pictures more often.

 So much marketing these days is visual marketing. Pictures help break down large chunks of text and help you rank higher for visual searches online. Alt text is the part of the HTML code for the image that includes the image\’s file name and describes what the image is and what it does. You can make alt text work for you by giving your images descriptive file names. This is an essential component of your SEO marketing. Do not skip this super valuable step. This will increase the chances of appearing in user\’s search results whether they search for images or text. Pictures also keep readers interested in your site\’s content. Make sure the pictures are helping to reinforce your story and evoke interest from the reader.

2. Optimize for mobile traffic.

 Making sites readable on smartphones and tablets is no longer an option – it\’s a necessity. Google search algorithms are now based on how mobile-friendly your site is. Visitors need to be able to browse, bookmark, share and even buy on their mobile devices, so get rid of unnecessary design elements that slow your site down, that don\’t display well on mobile devices or that require too much scrolling. We’ve seen businesses hold on to design elements for over a decade, time to update. Everyone wants to access everything from their pocket now. Bet you do too.

3. Leverage long-tail keywords.

 Long-tail keywords are those that closely match user\’s search queries. It\’s actually easier to rank for long-tail keywords than for generic terms. With more than six hundred million websites vying for first-page action on the search results, websites packed with generic keywords get pushed to the bottom because Google sees them as less relevant.  Fine tune your keywords to make them unique, longer and more closely related to the specific information people are looking for.

4. Invest in social media widgets.

 If you aren\’t already using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media, your content is shared less often. Social media has become so influential on search results ranking that it\’s now a definitive positioning technique and one you can\’t afford to ignore. Social media widgets are the gateway to a thriving community where you\’ll have the opportunity to invite visitors to view and interact with your brand.

5. Don\’t ignore PR in your SEO strategy.

 SEO and PR are best friends with benefits. Doesn’t get any better than this in the arena of visibility marketing. Search engine optimization and public relations are the golden twins of referral traffic and high rank on search pages. A robust public relations campaign helps you actively pitch your content to the audience in your niche while simultaneously creating valuable backlinks to your site. One way to incorporate PR into your SEO strategy is to create campaigns which will not only portray you as an expert in your field but will also help drive traffic back to your site (think feature articles, whitepapers, easy downloads, and expert blog features).  When you engage an SEO campaign along with a PR campaign you can get some powerful visibility. Connect with members of the media for the publicity and then traffic and higher rankings, more visibility and more customers will follow.

As competition for keyword ranking becomes stiffer, you need to adopt SEO strategies that will not only help beat the competition but also draw more visitors to your site. Creating content that isn’t found is a waste of time and effort.  Simple changes such as using images with descriptive file names, long tail keywords and social media widgets can help people find, read and share your content. Making your site mobile-friendly can help you capture more viewers, and combining PR practices with your SEO strategy can generate both interest and traffic. If your internet marketing campaign hasn\’t generated the results or rankings you hoped for, these strategies can take it to the next level.
If you or your company are not in the position to be doing the work yourself, please feel free to reach out to us at Black Ink PR. We excel in both public relations and search engine marketing and have super simple packages to start getting you the visibility you desire. Don’t be a stranger, and don’t be a secret.



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