3 PR Lessons from The Tiger King to Help Your Business ROAR

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Times are pretty unusual. It seems like many of us are watching a lot more Netflix than we typically do. A recent deep dive into the platform\’s  Tiger King (I never thought I\’d watch but I caved into the dark side and did) yielded some simple, powerful PR and marketing lessons. Here are my top three…


DIY PR? It might not be the best choice:

Joe Exotic managed to sell his services to a massive audience; but once Tiger King was through, did you walk away from the documentary feeling like Joe had a good, strong handle on his publicity and messaging?

DIY PR leaves lots of room for clouded, narcissistic, and inappropriate choices– and when we market without oversight or input, it\’s easy to adapt a one-track mind. Everyone who watched Tiger King watched this happen to Joe. Exotic\’s PR dissolved into personal rants and raves as time wore on. Regretfully, this endeared no one.

Use your media platforms to dominate your jungle:

We just said it above, but we\’ll say it here, too: Joe Exotic promoted his services and displayed his content to millions of people. How did he do it? The bewildering personality probably helped, but Joe had his hands everywhere.

Exotic used social media to post videos and messages for his followers on a near-constant basis. More calculated marketers can leverage social, blog posts, and even newsletters. All platforms are available to you to create your own media outlet. Use them. Use them often. Just please, use them wisely.

Reputation supersedes all– do the right thing:

Let\’s be real: we all walked away from Tiger King feeling pretty uneasy about some of the things that Joe Exotic got up to (as well as a few of the others featured).

If you don\’t have a handle on your reputation, you\’ll never have a chance at getting your audience fully onboard with your mission or message. Plenty of people might have agreed with a handful of Joe\’s points or actions however most of them also overlook those due to Joe\’s problematic behavior. 

There\’s no doubt that Tiger King gave us all some insight into crazy marketing and sales techniques; but if you\’re willing to give the doc a chance, you might actually find some useful tips. 

Oh, and one extra tip:

Lastly, I’m fan of leopard print and have often joked that it’s my favorite neutral. However, after watching 5 hours of Tiger King and seeing it show up in towels, bandana, curtains and even underpants – I still love the print, but please, use sparingly.

Go forth unafraid and let your marketing ROAR!

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