The New World Of Marketing Is Human



The world of marketing has changed drastically. For your business, that means you\’ll either be keeping up or risk losing customers.

Marketing is no longer a bunch of spam emails, cold intro or an opportunity to “throw it against the wall” and see what sticks. Currently, marketing is at a place of much deeper storytelling, it has an importance of not only addressing the problem in the story, but additionally showing empathy along with it. Like all things, marketing has evolved, and its evolution has been for its betterment. 

Luckily, it\’s not difficult to stay on top of your marketing game and offer customers an experience that delights them. We\’ve put together a list of the tried, true, and easy methods of showing you care through your marketing strategy.

Spell Their Name Right

This may seem like a no brainer, but seriously… you\’d be surprised how many times names are misspelled. It only takes a few extra seconds to do the research. Think about it- it\’s the difference between speaking to someone you know and someone you don\’t. If you want to build a connection with a customer, start by treating them like a friend. If you want to start a connection with anyone – just spell their name right. I’m often startled by how many ignore this simple step.

Speak About Them, Not Yourself!

It is so common to write about yourself that you may not even realize when you are doing it. Example: I am writing this, because I was wondering if I could offer… 
This self-centered approach will quickly incinerate a customer relationship. They want to hear about themselves and what they need. Use their favorite word- you- and make it about their experience. Show them you understand their problem, heck you probably even had it too, that’s why you created this solution just for them. You’ll find yourself with a much more receptive audience.

Forget \”Business as Usual\”

This just won\’t cut it anymore. Whatever worked before, probably isn\’t going to work now. 
Good-bye impersonal advertisement. Good-bye cut and paste with no sense of the moment.

Good-bye long, crappy fine print that’s just a bunch of trickery.

Customers expect to be educated, catered to, and provided with value and transparency, before deciding to work with you and part with their money. The competition is fierce, and there are countless companies out there doing what you do. If your competition is treating people like gold while you are conducting business as usual, you can say good-bye to your customers. 

The new world of marketing is human. It’s local, even when it’s global. It’s intimate and connected, even when we are distant.  It\’s about making connections with people and being what they need, exactly when they need it. It\’s proving that you can provide them the best experience possible by starting that experience even before you come in contact with them. 

Need a hand with your marketing? At Black Ink PR, we\’ve got your back. Call us, and we\’ll get your marketing on your customer\’s good side, so you can continue doing what you do best.

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