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All businesses need attention, positive attention, from their target audience. Good PR and marketing take some focus, critical thinking and strategy to have your customers find you and appreciate you, and the rewards are worth it.

When you advertise your business, you pay someone to tell the marketplace about its features and benefits and what it can do for them. You pay, they play. Sometimes people trust it, sometimes they don’t. Often, when people know you paid for the message, they tend to glance over it, or delete it, like undesired noise. So, how do you make yourself, your business and your  message heard in a marketplace that is drowning in noise? How do you stand out from the crowd or compete with much larger, well-established companies? How do people trust what you are telling them?

When you are successful in Public Relations (PR), other people come on board with you and sing your praises. Your marketing attracts desired attention, you stand out, you move people to action, they write about you, buy from you and herald your product or service.  It’s no longer you are saying how wonderful you are, other people are saying how wonderful you are. Now that’s successful marketing! Good PR ensures other people will spread the word about what you are offering and as any marketer knows, personal recommendations are super valuable. Third party recommendations, especially from a press outlet, are marketing gold.

Improving your business visibility has never been easier with the variety of media channels you can use. From social media, blogs, podcasts, newspapers to television to webinars, here are 3 tips that will work for any business and/or individual to get more attention…

Try these 3 PR tips to gain visibility, and respectability,  in your industry:

1. Build Your Authority and Get Published

Often people don\’t have much credibility in their industry simply because they are not known. Subject matter mastery is exceptionally valuable in any marketplace.

Increase your visibility by getting published in the media, or even self-publishing on LinkedIn or Medium. You can write a magazine article or a guest blog post that showcases your skills or knowledge. It doesn\’t cost anything except a little of your time, and it is a valuable addition to your credibility as an industry leader. The key is to keep the content tightly focused on one theme, and publish regularly. Even if you are doing it once per month (a fair goal for people when just starting) two years later you will have published 24 aticles on your subject matter. Not bad, certainly better than not doing it at all.  Publishing helps to position you as an expert in your field and gives you the authority that you didn\’t have before. People begin to take notice of you, your take on your subject and will begin to help spread the word about what you have to offer.

2. Make Yourself PR Friendly

This is probably one of the most important tips for any business or individual that wants to get some media attention. In fact, any attention. Make it easy to access information about you and your business. You can add a Press section to your website so that journalists and editors know that you are willing to put yourself out there and have well organized information and assets to share. Include information such as your background, your company\’s history, the products or services you specialize in, videos about your products,  the skills or expertise you can offer and lots and lots of photos. Let them know what right out of the gate what type of assets you have to offer that they can use such as photos, videos, research data, infographics, interview assistance – anything and everything that would add to their story. Well founded, well proved and well researched market data and research is especially valuable right now as many news outlets have had to slash their teams due to budget cuts. If you’ve got the goods, and you’re able to offer a unique spin and insights about the information, you are worthy of attention.

If you are willing to write articles, guest blog posts, or have past published articles you should include this information, along with the topics you are able to write about and/or an expert in. If you are happy to speak at public events, include that information as well. Media outlets will be happy to help you spread the word.

3. Share Valuable Content

Post regular, good-quality content that showcases your industry knowledge or skills. Pay attention to SEO, but make sure that your content also delivers value to your readers. This is probably one spot where people really lose it. Don’t be a copycat, no same old same old info will do. When you become the go-to place for quality information, you are also more likely to be the go-to place for a attention, and purchasing. Sharing valuable content also shows a great knowledge and respect for your audience, so it’s worth it to really invest some time and attention here.

This strategy builds your following and authority as a leader in your field. It also means that your followers are more likely to share your content, engage with your brand, and share your brand message.

A good PR and marketing plan doesn\’t have to be complex, however it should be planned. A little extra planning, creative thinking, generosity and intelligent execution can go a long way to promoting your brand with maximum impact and putting both you and your business in the spotlight.

Be bold, shine bright!

If you need help executing or planning your upcoming launch or marketing campaign, we’re here to help. We are an award-winning Los Angeles based boutique, we work with New York hustle and global muscle our clients in the spotlight and make their PR and marketing dreams come true. We look forward to hearing from you!

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