Your Website Is Your Most Powerful PR Tool


A Website That Works: Harnessing the PR Power of the Internet

When growing your brand and managing your business, there is no more important or powerful tool than your own website. This is the #1 tool you and your business fully control and should be the spot to start any successful public relations and marketing campaign.  This invaluable weapon in your public relations arsenal can boost your visibility and reach, and a great website strategy can spell financial success for you and your business. If you are wondering where to begin, read on!

Highlight Your Greatest Fans

When you are shopping. researching and perusing online, do ratings and reviews matter to you? The answer: probably yes, and companies know it. A high rating is sure to be placed where it catches your eye, and for your website, the same principle applies. When creating a website, testimonials and positive reviews should feature highly on your page and be easy to find. People trust client reviews (and even more so those that feature photos, if relevant to your business and brand). Any way you can encourage and highlight positive reviews, do so. Let your greatest fans be part of the fun.

Hear Your Clients\’ Needs

When visiting your site, your clients are often looking for answers to their most pressing questions. Try to put yourself one step ahead and answer before they even ask. Include an FAQ section, especially if you handle complex questions that people might be searching for. If you’re selling a product, topic like shipping and returns should be easy to find and simple to read. Understanding what questions your client might have and clearly answering them also makes clients feel clearly understood and respected.  Answering common questions not only reduces customer frustrations and builds trust but you\’ll save time- it\’s a win-win!
You\’ll also want to make sure your clients have access to you by including a \’contact us\’ section. Make sure this part of your site is easy to find and has clear directions on how your clients can get in touch with you.

Showcase Your Successes

You\’ve worked so hard and invested so much time and energy into your company. Your website is the place where you can let these accomplishments truly shine! Don\’t be afraid to proudly display your work. Also, consider lending credence to your business by highlighting aspects of your process and explaining the benefits of your product. Make sure to include links to any relevant case studies, certifications, or lab testing.

Good Press is Good Press

If you\’ve ever received positive reviews from the media or news, make it work for you. A glowing assessment from an expert in the field increases public confidence in you and your business. Also consider adding links to your various social websites, such as Instagram or LinkedIn. Use the power of your followers to increase site traffic and interest in your product.

Make It Look Pretty

In today\’s digitized world, it is hard to understate the importance of a professional-looking website. Many internet surfers spend relatively little time on each tab or page. Invest in a graphic designer or media expert to make your site really pop. After all, it represents you and the quality of your work. Websites need to be updated often and good design and first impressions count. Don\’t let it undersell you by looking dated, poorly designed, or out-of-touch!

In the End, It\’s All About the Customer

Your ideal website will meet the needs of the customer first. Highlight your greatest successes, wrap it up in a visually pleasing package, and anticipate the client\’s needs, questions and concerns before they even happen. Here’s the key – your customers should arrive at a place where they feel understood and are immediately aware that you can solve their problems. Don\’t worry about coming off as arrogant or obnoxious — your customer will appreciate an experience that centers around them!

And if this feels overwhelming- don\’t worry. Black Ink PR is here to help you with any PR, Marketing or Social Media needs you and your business may have.

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