Three Super Simple Tips to Improve Your Businesses Likeability Factor

Three Super Simple Tips to Improve Your Businesses “Likeability Factor”

(Especially if you have a challenging topic)

Don’t know where to start somedays? Start by asking “How can my business be more friendly and approachable?”  When businesses work well, customers feel part of their tribe and return often with their dollars.  Everyone wants to do business with people they like. At best – your customers are your advocates and share their enthusiasm with their friends and clients. At worst however– customers might tend to see the business as cut-throat, unethical or untrustworthy – and then, they turn to friends and clients to warn them to “stay away, be aware”.   As extreme as these circumstances may seem, it’s what most businesses deal with on a daily basis. So, how to turn the tide to your favor and earn the public’s trust?  Here are a few simple tips to improve your businesses likeability and truly connect with your public.

1. Give Your Business a Personality  (especially if it’s kinda boring)

You need to show people that your company stands for something by demonstrating that there are genuine people working for your brand. People connect to people. Give your businesses a personality. Apple does a great job with this calling the people who attend to their service station “Genius Bars”.  Because, with that name, well…geniuses work there. Why wouldn’t we trust them? Calling the people who work for you “geniuses” – that’s marketing perfection.

Progressive Insurance does a great job with their fictional salesperson Flo who has appeared in more than 100 ads for them. The character gives a quirky, fun personality to a subject that most people don’t like to deal with at all. Fictional Flo has a fan base on social networks and has become an iconic advertising mascot – hats off to the creators of Flo.

Around my neighborhood I sometimes see a “smell good plumber”, come on – what’s not to love (I mean, besides sniffing a stranger)?  Add a little personality for some big wins.

2. Keep Your Word to Customers (and be open to theirs)

Whatever you promise your customers, it is extremely important that keep your word on it. These promises could be anything such as no hidden fees, items on sale are in stock, or even easy refunds. Failing to deliver on your promises can lead to quick chaos and nasty reviews. This might seem super simple or obvious, however you’d be shocked at how many businesses fail right at this point. And, if you fail to keep your word to your customer or seem at all deceptive – they will be rageful and want to tell people about it. An additional easy solution – make sure your customers have a way to communicate with you before things get out of hand. As old fashioned as it may seem – I always smile when I go somewhere and see a suggestion box.

3. Show Customers How to Engage with Your Business

What actions do you want your customer to take first? Is the first step to reach out for a consultation or subscribe to your newsletter? Or is it to buy your product or service right off the bat at a low introductory price, just give it a try? Your marketing message is meant to drive leads and solve problems, so providing a simple and well-curated process for a potential customer to connect with you is key. Then – after they take that first desired step – make sure they have an extraordinary experience. Focus on what you want them to do, and then focus on the customer experience of that first action.  When it’s clear to your audience how they can reach out and connect, they’ll feel more inclined to do so. 

Growing a business take focus, strategy and attention. And, of course, it takes customers.

Add a bit of personality, a lot of integrity, and a little bit of good ole fashion human contact – and you’ll be popular and busy in your marketplace.

Don’t like marketing or don’t have time? Feel free to reach out to us for a 20 minute get acquainted call, and we are happy to discuss if we may be of service.  We are marketing experts, and we love it. Here’s to your success!

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