What Kathy Griffin Has Taught Us About Winning PR

Kathy Griffin, the media-savvy and loud-mouthed comedienne, catapulted her way to success with her uproarious antics and no-shame claim to fame. She works her flaws with humor and panache but only made the jump from D to A list when she zeroed in on making celebrities the butt of her jokes.Target marketing, my friends.  Her biting, bitchy and sometimes self-deprecating take on life found an appreciative audience but she didn’t stop there. Kathy Griffin takes her publicity into her own hands; not only did she create a reality to show so she could window shop her talents but she tirelessly reaches for her next moment in the spotlight. She doesn\’t wait for the media, she partners with them, trading coverage for great entertainment. Do you have the same no-shame attitude about getting publicity? And what are you offering the media in exchange?

\"\" Kathy Griffin

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