Why You Should Act Like A Teenager

Why You Should Act Like A Teenager

Why update your Facebook status?

If you\’re 14, this question may as well read, “Why bother breathing?”

Today\’s media-savvy youngsters update their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts as regularly as they ask their parents for money. But alien as it might be to someone who remembers when Betamax video recorders existed (along with the dinosaurs, right?), this is how we now stay touch with our friends and keep up with trends.

As a business owner you need to do that same. You need to be a teenager.

I\’m not talking about going through puberty again…but remember when you used to talk on the phone for hours? It\’s the same principle.

Updating your status allows you to quickly update your network with articles, special offers, information about new products, staff members and social events.

Because of smartphones people now crave bit-sized chunks of information. Sharing your status is the simplest way of giving your clients – and potential clients – a unique peek into your life. In just a few short words you can get your marketing message across to hundreds, and even thousands of people.

I loved being in the media tent at the Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast food and wine festival, which Black Ink PR was promoting, and watching the live Twitter feed on the big screen. One of my tweets was re-tweeted a dozen times, giving me a bigger audience than I could ever imagine. That\’s the high school equivalent of the high-school quarterback asking you to the Prom.

So connect to your inner teenager and build your social circle. It\’s how you find out when the game is or who\’s having a keg party this weekend. Better still, you don\’t have to sit any SAT\’s at the end of it!

And while we\’re here, why not follow Black Ink PR on Twitter and Facebook. Then we\’ll all feel like super popular teenagers and you can come to my party. I\’ll even flip my hair and air guitar Cyndi Lauper\’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for you…


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