Going Viral – Show Me Your Dancing Baby


Everyone\’s going viral these days. Sweeping the internet with your blog or video has become one of the newest – and cheapest – ways of getting your business message out into the world.

But how do you ensure successful domination of social media sites and inboxes everywhere?

Easy. Get a dancing baby.

And while there are no guarantees that a break-dancing infant or cute kitten sleeping on a pizza box will win people over, the truth is that if you can create something that\’s entertaining, authentic and creative, you\’ll have a good shot at being seen by millions.

Five ways to help make your post/video go viral:

Be timely and topical
Keep it under two minutes
Have a hook, and give it an engaging title
Home-made is often more entertaining
Pair with an enticing thumbnail
Have a unique take on your subject
Be descriptive yet succinct in your description
Send it to everyone on your mailing list including bloggers
Link it to your other social media and news feeds

In the best of times you\’ll have a PR bulls-eye, and the worst will be that you\’re ignored or become the object of derision (but even that could be great publicity).

So baby, get your dancing shoes on.


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