How We Got Our Client to the Top of Google Search


We\’re proud to shout it from the rooftops, and don our PR tiaras, that we were able to position our client, Premier Tours, from the bottom of page four on Google, to the TOP OF PAGE ONE.

Search for them now, you\’ll find them at the top of the list. (Here\’s where we insert our smiley face).

It\’s almost impossible to quantify how much this is worth to our client, but potentially millions of dollars in advertising, bookings and a massively raised profile.

It\’s vital you build your website so that your audience can find you. Anything you do on the web should be geared towards matching you with your audience, otherwise you might as well be flushing your time and money down the toilet.

We achieved optimal visibility by using clever SEO (search engine optimization). SEO are keywords embedded in the website coding, which research shows people use while doing their searches.

Here\’s an example: I changed my company name to become more internet friendly. It used to be Black Ink Communications but research shows that no-one uses the word \’communications\’, they use PR, public relations or marketing. It was a big step but I changed it to Black Ink Public Relations & Marketing because no-one looks for a communications expert, even though I am one. And now you can find me and Black Ink Public Relations & Marketing easily!

With Premier Tours we spent four months concentrating on their SEO\’s, and we:

Tweaked the site several times to improve visibility.

Researched the keywords, before writing and re-writing text.

Analyzed the market, and decided which words we would compete on.

Ensured all relevant keywords were cleverly embedded into the site, and in the text.

Examined keywords and photo-tags to tie-in with SEO words.

And then we made it to the top.

Premier Tours now sits above other major African travel sites on Google. We constantly review and refresh our content and keywords to keep on top of the pile. The competition is fierce.

We wrote cleverly, consistently and with great focus so that their audience would find them.

And now their visibility is PRICELESS.

How\’s yours?

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