Happy Halloween… How to Hook \’em Gangnam Style!


We get so many people saying we want to \’go viral\’, that we\’ve started to focus on answering the question.

South Korean rapper PSY swept the charts around the world with his hit, Gangnam Style. From his appearance on Saturday Night Live to the Today show, he\’s put a smile on all our faces with his cheeky dance moves and catchy chorus.

So it\’s no surprise – but very clever – that the geniuses at this house in Edwards Landing, in Virginia, came up with the magnificent and timely idea to set their Halloween light show to the song.

And guess what, the video\’s gone viral, with more than two million views on You Tube, and counting.

Here\’s the winning equation: they took a major holiday tradition, and paired it with a popular song/topic/holiday, that is hugely trending worldwide.

Thinking just a little outside the box has put them on the map. And with a little imagination and creativity, you can do the same for your business.

So when was the last time you and your business addressed what\’s really trending?

What\’s your Gangnam Style hook? And what are you doing for the next holiday?

Enjoy this SPOOK-tacular light show, and Happy Halloween!



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