Hillary Clinton\’s Laser-Sharp Focus


Whatever your politics there\’s no denying that Hillary Clinton has made her mark in this world. She is one formidable women, a glass-ceiling breaker and a force to be reckoned with.

When anyone asks me who the one person I would like to meet is, or who inspires me the most, the answer is always Hillary Clinton. The current Secretary of State (three years and counting) has lived through more storms – private and public – than most.

Her trials and tribulations would have sent weaker earthlings diving under the covers for eternity, which makes it all the more impressive how she retains a laser-sharp focus. No matter what is going on around her, she keeps on trucking.

In a world where everything is bite-sized, condensed, fast-paced and designed to keep your attention for mere nano-seconds, she is able to stay focussed and on track.

Berated for her looks, her dress-sense, her infamous ponytail/scrunchie combo – she\’s able to brush off (at least publicly) the kind of comments that would turn ordinary mortals into dust.

But Hillary is intelligent, highly educated and a tower of personal power and belief. She has inspired a generation of women to \’think big\’, and I for one, adore the way she has taken ownership of the pants-suit.

As Secretary of State, she flies thousands of miles a year (on a plane that has no shower), does her own hair and make-up before she meets the world\’s dignitaries, has a great relationship with her daughter Chelsea, and is still married. Oh yes, and on top of that, she\’s pretty much one of the top people running the country.

There\’s no excuse for not concentrating on the job at hand. She has goals, she has passion, she has a purpose.

So if someone asked you now to describe your business goals in one sentence, and three proactive strategies you have to attain it, could you? Because if you\’re not focused on it, then you will be distracted and all the wrong things will get your attention. Like a bad hair band choice, and who needs that when the whole world needs saving.

Are you saving your own business world? How focused are you?



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