SUREFIRE WAYS TO SUCCEED ON SOCIAL MEDIA NOW Are you tired of hearing the phrase “in these unprecedented times?” Join the club! Yes, we know, it’s unusual and wonky. In a world that has gone digital-first quickly, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and resort to the same old phrases and ideas. But don’t copy cat – find your own way and your own voice.  Consumers are spending record amounts of

How NETFLIX Has Influenced Marketing When it comes to modern viewing habits everybody gets what they want, when they want it. Netflix has made immediate gratification possible and that’s where your marketing needs to be.   People should to be able to connect with you while wearing their pajamas from the comfort of their couch, on their schedule and when it’s convenient for them.   With Netflix it’s a case

FIVE MARKETING TRENDS FOR 2016 As we gear up for small business success in 2016 it’s impossible to ignore the fact that your marketing, communications and promotional activity across all platforms need to be clearer and more focussed than ever before. Here are the five key areas that will require your attention in 2016 in terms of marketability, reach and engagement. BE EVEN MORE MOBILE FRIENDLY You must make it