YOUR AUDIENCE IS YOUR BIGGEST MARKETING ASSET  Many years ago I did stand-up comedy and the clubs where I performed always wanted a big name headliner who could bring in a large audience. There was usually a two drink minimum and I was a middle act, selling tee-shirts at the back of the room. But it was the headliners who were the most valuable commodity. If they had the power

  WHY YOUR PITCH IS A BITCH (AND HOW TO FIX IT), A PUBLICIST SPILLS SECRETS I love working with writers. I’ve built up many wonderful and fruitful relationships with journalists and bloggers over the years, and it’s always a joy for me to see their brilliant work in print, knowing I had something to do with that. It’s a huge amount of fun, and I learn so much from

Can you pitch a product and solve a problem? If so, you are almost guaranteed to get press. Put simply, no media outlet will give valuable airtime, column inches or space to someone who doesn’t have an attractive product or solution. My favorite example of a problem pitched to perfection – and then expertly solved – was invented by my client, the entrepreneur Nicole Manns. Her genius tool, Nikki’s Magic

Who knew you could learn lessons in marketing from a Girl Scout? But one young lady came up with an inspired business plan – and the results have been astounding. Danielle Lei, 13, from San Francisco, was determined to sell as many cookies as she could in as little time as possible. Thinking out of the box she set up her stall outside a marijuana dispensary and then proceeded to

HOW TO MAKE THE MEDIA LOVE YOU The name Bill Gates might not immediately conjure up a vision of chocolate-shaped hearts and flowers but you should love him for this one quote, if nothing else:   “If I were down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations”.   Has the Microsoft billionaire made your heart flutter yet?   PR is important (Bill knows it, I know