ARE YOU THE PROBLEM WITH YOUR MARKETING? In marketing you need commitment, consistency and a plan. At Black Ink PR we are dedicated to helping small and medium businesses that need to outsource their marketing. We’re like a CMO for those who don’t have full time staff, the resources or can’t manage it themselves. But no matter who is doing your marketing, you still need to show up and participate in some

WHY MAKE A WISH WHEN YOU CAN MAKE A PLAN Dear Beautiful People, I want you to succeed in 2019. However, I cannot believe how many times I meet people without any plan. As founding father Benjamin Franklin famously said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” There is an epidemic of distraction in the world right now and if you have no business plan then you

IN YOUR NEXT MARKETING PLAN, PLAN ON SOMETHING NEW This newsletter has become one of my favorite ways to reach out, educate and entertain. It was something I started three years ago and means that I now reach thousands of people via email, Twitter and Facebook. As a result it’s become one of the number one tools in my marketing arsenal and also, one of my greatest business pleasures. I