WHAT IS YOUR MILLENNIAL SALES STRATEGY? One of the largest concerns in the PR, marketing, and advertising sectors today is how to reach millennials, anticipate millennial shopping behavior, and ultimately take advantage of one of the most potentially lucrative portions of consumers out there. The only problem is that there is more data and less insight into what makes millennials tick than was the case for any previous generation. One

7 STEPS TO EFFECTIVE MARKETING Marketing your business goes beyond presenting a product or service to the public for purchase. Consumers today are not content to buy what you market just because you tell them to. They research on their own, on their own time, before making the purchase decision. Here are some tips to help you create and execute an effective marketing plan. 1. Research your market Still to

Survey Says – Market research surveys are an invaluable tool to grow your business. Have you used one recently? When used effectively, market surveys can help you understand your current customers and find new ones, or new ways to serve existing ones. Done well, they are golden. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of a survey is largely dependent on its response rate. If too few people respond to your survey, the resulting data

Business has not always embraced the concept of marketing. Until the 1950s, marketing as a way to reach customers didn’t exist. Unfortunately, many businesses are still stuck in the past where marketing is concerned. So how do you ensure your business isn’t stuck in yesteryear, but instead is utilizing marketing’s role in today’s global marketplace? You have to understand the value of the marketing concept and where to put the

Your social media audience is everything in PR and marketing, it’s the largest open focus group you could ever hope for right at your fingertips. Build it, nurture it, participate with it, listen to it and direct it. A loyal audience is the key to a successful brand and you will face a lot of competition. There are so many places people can go for their content these days that you

5 KEY REASON FOR ENTREPRENEURS AND BUSINESSES TO OUTSOURCE THEIR PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING   Outsourcing your Public Relations and Marketing is an essential aspect of driving your business forward. Sometimes it needs an objective eye to tell your story well and with conviction. However innovative and successful your company, it’s unlikely that customers will be beating a path to your door without at least a little encouragement. Effective Public

5 MUST-KNOW TECHNIQUES THAT GET RETURN CUSTOMERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Attracting customers is not as difficult as it sounds. People are generally open to trying new products and services, if you angle your offering correctly, provide value and have the right combination of public relations and marketing. Your real problem is getting return customers for your business. Even fully satisfied customers may end up never returning because they were lured by other

HOW TO DANCE YOUR WAY INTO MY MARKETING HEART   Resolution time. Early January and I’m in the kitchen cooking with my husband. We’re talking about our goals for the year and having some fun. On a professional level, I run a Los Angeles public relations boutique. On a personal level, I want to dance with my husband. I took dancing classes all last year without him but for 2017,

  3 WAYS YOUR BUSINESS CAN ATTRACT MILLENNIAL CUSTOMERS   Here’s hoping this new year has you cashing in on success with the execution of your digital strategy! It’s no surprise that businesses are chomping at the bit to attract millennial customers. Millennials–born between 1980 and 2000–are the largest generation in U.S. history. According to Accenture, millennials will spend $600 billion this year. As a business owner, how can you

YOUR MOST POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL IS $3   So many people are underutilizing the cheapest tool for a marketing strategy that guarantees the best results.  Sure as spring follows winter, your business has seasons, holidays and cycles– if for no other reason than your customers and suppliers do. How to best get in synch with your business’ seasons to drive publicity, marketing and sales? You can probably even find it

  5 TIPS FOR CREATING VIRAL CONTENT Not a week goes by without someone asking me “How do I get my content to go viral?”  Get a dancing baby or cat in your family and inquire about sponsorships. Ok, there are  a few other techniques too. Publishing viral content is one of the best marketing and traffic-generation methods available to website owners today. Viral content has the potential to attract

LOS ANGELES MARKETING: WELCOME TO THE WINNER’S CIRCLE,  BRANDED-TO-PERFECTION AND ALWAYS OPEN – MILT & EDIE’S DRYCLEANERS! When it comes to Los Angeles marketing, there are some companies that get it right. Congratulations to Milt & Edie’s, the first drycleaners to be indoctrinated into Black Ink PR’s prestigious Winner’s Circle. You need to be one of those companies. You need to be Milt & Edie’s – and here is why: